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W hile foil-wrapping technology has been around for the past decade, it was in Dubai where its function was expanded from industrial to personal use. Foilacar Industries started as Foilacar Manila, when it opened its first branch in 2009 and paved the way for the car paint protection market in the Philippines.

W ith automotive services as our primary line of business, Foilacar Manila soon expanded into the aviation, architectural and marine sectors. We grew to become Foilacar Industries. From wrapping luxury and exotic cars, our gallery now includes aircraft, interiors, architectural projects and marine vessels. Our most extravagant project yet to date is the massive wrapping of an entire 200-foot yacht and will soon take on the task of covering an entire office building.

W ith its wide range of available materials, Foilacar Industries is taking design and aesthetics on an entirely new level of excellence. The design options are virtually limitless. The freedom to express personality, preference or brand identity no longer has to be a choice between style and substance. With Foilacar Industries’ leading innovations, you can have both stunning designs with cutting-edge technology protection against the elements.

Being at the forefront of research and innovation

in foil-wrapping technology, we are establishing ourselves as the industry leader in the region. As the best-equipped in terms of materials, training, design and technical expertise. Foilacar Industries is the company of choice for discerning clients.

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You can't go wrong, if you shield your...

T his is what you get with our full body color foil. We protect your investment’s original paint condition. We use high quality foil film that can follow body contours. It can protect original paint from effects of weathering, scratches, chipping and even acts of vandalisms.

We invite you to visit our foiling boutique to test it yourself what we are talking about.

Now even your Home and Office

Foilacar Industries has branched out into surface design specializing in creating imagery for interiors. Check it out now!



We can protect anything, from fleet/commercial vehicles, to motorbikes, to the most sophisticated, exotic or muscle cars around.


We have aviation-grade foil variants that can withstand harsh weather conditions and elements. We can foil any jets and helicopters for long-term outdoor applications with the highest degree of brilliancy and durability.


We also have marine-grade foil variants that can be applied on jetskis, motorboats, yachts or even ships!

Wanna make a Statement?

Then head on to one of our foiling boutiques now!


We have paved the way for new trends and improvements in the film covering industry

Foilacar Features

  • Over 1,000 color and finish combinations to choose from (gloss, matte, carbon, iridescent)
  • High-end UV protected
  • Resistant to most oil and grease, fuel, aliphatic solvents, weak acids, salts and alkalis
  • Marine-grade adhesive
  • Deeply tinted, perfect finishing, reflection and high gloss
  • Cost-effective (usually costs less than a paint job)
  • Resistant to fading and abrasion
  • Lasts up to 8 years with proper care and maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly (VOC-free)
  • Safe application (no health or safety hazards)

La déco

Foilacar Industries also offers foil variants for architectural indoor and outdoor applications such as homes, condos, restaurants, offices, and others.

Available in a variety of colors and can be applied on walls, floorings, partitions, cabinets and other wood fixtures.

We use superior German techniques and materials

Foilacar Industries is now the top name in foil wrapping innovation services.

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Anyone can design, but not everyone is a designer

S omeone said anybody can own a Nikon and shoot with it. But not everyone is a creative photographer.

W e at Foilacar Industries do design conceptualization. We have a team of design artists who create design ideas according to your preference and taste. We design the whole outlook not only with the color changes but also from how everything will match the new color, to the body trimmings that would complement your investment’s new look. In short, we can do a total makeover for your baby.

Of course, we also do stripes, decals, artworks, and whatever personal touches you prefer.


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Foilacar Industries Headquarters - 610 C. Raymundo Ave. Pasig City


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